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Design your days!

Have you ever thought about … Why when you are asked about your life, you don’t have many new things to tell?

Well, yes. The same thing has happened to all of us, and it is because little by little we are turning our lives into a routine that we find difficult to get out of.
We have many tasks and jobs to accomplish, we have many planners to organize our day, but, we just don’t do anything different! and then we just say “I don’t have much time”.

And I wonder, aren’t you the most important thing? Where is your peace, your hobbies, are you staying motivated? It is time to change this! It is never too late to start, and the final purpose should be “to be happy”.
So from now on, you will start designing your days with small purposes that will improve the situation. It is also very valid if for the exercise, you put your best letter, colors that generate you positive emotions, paper cuts, drawings or whatever you want!

Now… how do you start to organize that dreamy and interesting life you have? It is super important that you feel that you already have it, so you can plan it with more confidence, and it is very easy!
Start by understanding that you are a giant and wonderful world to know, and that every day you can learn, create or experience something new.
It is necessary also to analyze that we do with great passion, everything that generates us pleasure and joy, because it motivates us! While, what we do by obligation, almost always ends up for exhausting us.

Therefore, although I know that you may have a busy life and many duties that cannot wait, it is essential that you also do things that make you happy! So, in that beloved planner or diary that you bought or made with so much love, must not only appears what your work demands you, but also different options such as:
– Painting that picture that you have always dreamed of.
– Trying the new pie recipe that you enjoy so much.
– Reading that book that captivates you and promotes your imagination.
– Drink with a friend that wine that you brought from a trip.
– Learn how to do that makeup that you want to look for the weekend… in short, so many possibilities!

Surely if you start to design your days with these gifts of time for you to fulfill your dreams, you will feel more relaxed, and also for the next time someone asks you what have you done these days? you will have a whole list of things to tell, and of which you will feel proud, because you will have learned and enjoyed a lot that time you took advantage of in yourself.

With love…

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