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Discovering my soul between stars and design!

Today I want to tell you that everything has a design!
There is design in our spaces, our activities (routines), and in our clothes.  Also, our personality has a design, our body do it too, and of course … Heaven has a design (an arrangement in a particular order every moment)!
Those designs influence us. They impact our life, our way of expressing ourselves, our feelings, our way of thinking, but also influence our state of mind and the way we learn or we express something.

Shapes, colors, the arrangement in a place, fragrances, a size; have meanings just like numbers, crystals or planets do. And also, they have uses where we can boost their energy!
Even our zodiac signs are associated with that, and they generate characteristics that we can take advantage of, for our benefit.
So, well … How cool to be able to know, which designs make us feel peace, or vitality, or with which models we get identify, or make us part of something! Don you think that?
And … why do I like to mix these topics? A little mystical and a little artistic …

I do it for the same thing that I mentioned above. Because one thing influences the other, and, furthermore, because design is not just a cute drawing, and mystical is not just divination, or themes from beyond.
Design is a way of connecting with our essence, and for this, it is important to know what that essence is; what our soul is like, who we are, what we like, and how we can get closer to that version of ourselves that makes us shine and feel aimed at our purposes.

I love to give you tips for this. I am also in the process, and I feel that this knowledge gives us a lot in life.
• We are humans with dreams, and there are ways to design, or to organize maps and guides to visualize that dreams, and make them come true step by step.
• We are people who feel, and there are colors or smells, that generate more useful sensations depending on the moment, the intention or the need we have.
• We are curious beings, we like to explore, look, touch, learn, and give ourselves answers to many questions in life. And there are means, places, or moments, that help us to facilitate this work.

Now, our energy and creativity are also linked to the energy of the sky. Have you seen how the moon influences our emotions? Well and not just her. There are many factors that affect us, but for this reason, it is important to know basic things about astrology, rituals, and why not? Feng shui! It is just to know how to take advantage of each situation, or place; in a way that supports our well-being, harmony and personal or spiritual connection.

With this in mind, then, I hope you enjoy the content of ana is! That’s right.
I love sharing what I know, and also receiving new knowledge that I can put into practice and help me grow or understand myself more. Many topics are related to each other. I am a studious fan of these, astrology and design; and I feel, that sometimes we see each area very superficially without finding links. But it is important to delve a little, especially when information can generate so many conclusions and happiness to us.
I’m glad you’re here! That you get motivated to jump into learning, and know yourself to feel happier every time with your role on this earth!

With love


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