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For less copy and more Creativity!

Well let’s start saying … I don’t know if this happens to you, like me, but lately,  i see a lot of information in the market, and little by little i feel that i am saturated!
I do not want more of the same they show me. There are always the same letters, colors, ways of saying something, the same advertising, products … blah blah blah.
And it is so clear! We have a tendency to take a fashion and repeat it until we feel feed up of it… We copy everything we see that works for others, and although we have been called upon to be original, that seems very complicated to us.
We know that when we are authentic, everyone has an opinion and we try to avoid it.

So yes, it is always easier to take something that is already tested.
It is more comfortable to fit in, of course! If the experience is already there, then i learn. But no, it is not the same to learn how to create my own method, as copying what others have already done.

I am one of those souls who refuse to think that, because someone else lived it in a way, the same has to happen to me.
Let’s say i’m a bit stubborn to think that there is only one way to do something… or worse! That what i imagine cannot be done.
Every time an idea occurs to me, i go through the season where everyone tells me…
• “The design is so complex”
• “Here Nobody can build that for you”
• “It is going to be so expensive”
• “Just don’t complicate yourself Ana”
• “Why to do that if it works in the traditional way?” …

And then i think … if everything is already created, so, why did we come into the world?
Why to evolve if in prehistory life also worked, and people were also born, reproduced and died?… Right?
And there i give myself this answer… We need less copying and more creativity to have a better world.
There is nothing more pleasuring to the soul, than finding something new that makes us fall in love. Something that makes our life easier, that makes our days happier!

When something is new to our senses, we also learn, we see a different world, we try combinations that we did not have in mind before, we change our favorite color, and we even live differently because we adapt to a new comfort.

How cool to see something different! And to have from where to choose what goes more with my style, with my way of being, with me.

So yes, i invite you to be persistent and most important, to be creative!
Please firmly believe in your ideas, that, if anybody says you can’t do it, you find a way to make it done.
Really, there are many ways to do things, the challenge is to find the best option, and when you do it… you will be the best at it!

Let’s think outside the box, let’s not just fit in, let’s stand out!

With love

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