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Support whoever you want, but do it with conscience!

Shopping at 3,2,1! Anyone else who loves to shop like me? I confess that I love spending whole days walking around places with many different stores, and seeing all kinds of stuff.

I am one of those who detail the materials, shapes, finishes, as a good designer. I love also, to go to local stores and see handmade things that have an incomparable magic.
However, I love to buy a dress, or some designer shoes too! And why not? If they have precious elements and the quality is spectacular!

That is why I say, that I am a versatile person when it comes to buying. More than supporting someone in particular, I seek to maintain my style without biasing myself to one place.

I know that today many people tell us that we should support the local work over anything else. That the economy needs us to acquire what is produced in our country, and that we must stop believing the story that what is made abroad is always better.

But I have another way of thinking. I invite you to support whoever you want. It is your decision and pleasure, but yes, you should buy with conscience. what do you mean? Yes, exacly doing it being conscient.

It doesn’t really matter if you prefer to buy products in different countries and not in yours. Remember that everywhere, you can find small entrepreneurs with great ideas looking to get ahead.

Or if you are more on the way of buying from a recognized and large company. Do not forget, that this has arrived where it is, because once a human being like you, fought for a dream that has grown day by day; and that also this company, maintains work for many people.
And finally, it is also good if you decide to buy from a small craftsman in your city, or a friend you have known during your life, and who you want to help to expand his work, believe more in his dreams and get motivated.

So, for me, it is good to buy from all of them. What I do think you should take into account, is that when you consume, you must do it knowing that any product you get will mean:

  • A good payment for who designed and manufactured your purchase.
  • That it is a product that in the long term will not affect the environment.
  • That you are sponsoring the innovation and not the copy.
  • That your purchase allows people to have great things at an affordable price.
  • That it is something that will not go to waste soon, and does not strengthening the planned obsolescence that hurts us so much.
  • That suddenly with the purchase, you may be helping or doing social work with nature, with other people, or with animals.
  • That you are not supporting the mistreatment of anything or anyone, or the absurd waste of resources.

If a company, being it small, large, local, foreign, wants you to buy and support it, make it earn your money by giving you something more than a product; but delivering a good job and responsibility to the world.

So yes, support whoever you want, but do it with conscience!

Go enjoy your shopping in your style! and at the same time, feel good that, from now on, you not only support a brand, but also your environment.

With love.


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