Ana is

You are pure Magic!

Be how you wanna be. Many people tell us to be authentic and to like us as we are.
But … how are we?

It is a very complicated question, because we are not just one thing, we are a complete world!

A world full of illusions, tastes, talents, imperfections, friends, roles, experiences … A world that sometimes makes us feel comfortable, and other times, makes us feel as if there was no place for us in this milky way to which we belong by birth… as if no one could understand everything that makes us be.

We are magic! yes, but sometimes, we have not delved enough to know all our charm and potential, and it takes time…
There will be changes in us, there will be circumstances that also bring out our shadows, those that we may not like very much.

We came to earth as a world that is just in the process of assessing. We came with a mission, to discover another mission for which we are here, at this moment, in this environment that we call home.

Sometimes we feel alone, and other times, we feel full of life and with an immense desire to achieve infinite things!

Do you see how difficult it is to try to understand each other so eagerly? We are quite an enigma, but one of those which worth everything! One of those that surprise and fascinate.

And now, how could we not like this? if it is so cool! Isn’t it something so unique and wonderful?

It is very difficult to love what we do not know, and for that reason, we must give ourselves the time and the moments to explore our souls, to practice different activities, interact with other people, visit places, taste foods and experience different things.

We need to try everything that makes us feel closer to deciphering those nuances, which make up each of us.

Loving ourselves requires knowing who we are, having freedom to act and think … We all have so much to contribute but sometimes, we are self-conscious out of fear, fear that our essence won’t be so bright or accepted by others … and why? Are those others better? Are they not in the same process?

The advice is … Do not be afraid to live and especially, to BE. Your essence is as necessary and valuable in the universe, as the one of any other character in this movie called life.

For someone you can be the best world, a fantastic world that generates so much joy and inspiration as you cannot imagine.

When you act from love and freedom, you create and give the best of yourself to other worlds.

So, be free, and allow others to also find that peace and happiness of being and enjoying their journey.

We are all special, do not forget it, and if you know of someone who is forgetting it, REMEMBER it when you can! We don’t know from what light we could be losing ourselves.

With Love


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